If you intend to renovate, rehabilitate, to build, rebuild, modernize your house so provides PROJEKT MOSJÖN AB their services.


All the work that we perform follow your special requests and all current requirements. Contact us if you like to get reference objects are such Nybro, Alsjöholm, Kalmar, Öland or Pukaberg/Mosjön.

PROJEKT MOSJÖN AB offers you for example:

  • Installation of affordable new 3-glass insulating windows and terrace doors with heat value according to Requirements comes with free measurement and with or without in-line glazing bar as desired.
  • Renovation and modernization of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Renovation of the roof trusses as needed and rescheduling of the roof.
  • Carport and garages.
  • Floor by floor, laminate, or floor tiles.

Our specialty is total renovations

Over time, we have specialized us to totally renovate old house, so in a modern way, while preserving the old. So was an almost dilapidated storage room a comfortable guest house and a dilapidated house into a modern villa with all comfort.

Left: before renovation – Right: after renovation